Film Project: Space of Doglessness

IMG_20171026_182243Whilst I await funding outcomes on phase two of my Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness project; I’m planning to create a short film that explores a particular aspect that came up numerous times in the course of phase one. That is, the spaces in and around being in the company of a dog.

The short film will aim to be a form of ‘docupoem’ with a mixture of poetics, images and recorded to camera public responses.
I’m interested in the idea of different aspects of the human relationship with dogs in terms of spaces and places, and what this means for human relations (especially across genders in use of spaces).

I am keen to hear what men and women think about the following:

Men specific questions are:

Have you ever thought twice about going to a public space such as a beach or park on your own because you were concerned that there was no obvious purpose/or felt that others have viewed you with suspicion?

If you are a dog owner does having a dog change how you feel/or feel you are perceived in your use of public spaces?

If you are a dog owner/have considered becoming one, how much and in what ways is choice of breed and naming of the dog impacted upon by public perceptions, especially re ideas of masculinity?

Is ownership of dog a safety issue for you at all (ie added protection)?

If you are out walking and come across a lone woman does having a dog with you, or not, change how you feel about this shared passing through a place?

Have you ever deliberately used dog ownership as a means of flirting with/attempting to seduce women?

Questions for both men and women:

Do you feel that ownership of dogs gives permission to be in certain places?

Can you say how dog ownership has changed your engagement with your local environment/people?

Are there places of no access because of your dog – how do you feel about this?

Have you felt judged because of your dog ownership?

What do you think about the idea of dogs as social signifiers?

All responses will be received with respect for confidentiality and anonymity given where desired.

Should you want to record your response as audio or be filmed (where logistically possible) then please say.

Responses can be emailed to

Thanks in advance for all your input and help! If you need more information before responding then feel free to email me to ask.