Collaborative Projects


I’m very interested in the possibilities of collaborative work and have been very fortunate so far to have had my writing enhanced by artists and musicians.

Mindscapes of the City  (in Audio-Visual Section) was reworked from my original words and photos piece for Unthunk Journal in conjunction with Andy Wain a musician and composer who can be found here: Pixelate

Flight or Fight (in Audio-Visual section) was a collaborative effort with:

Gregor McAlpine, an artist, printmaker and filmmaker based in Edinburgh. He can be found here: Gregor McAlpine

Francis MacDonald, Teenage Fanclub drummer, Composer for Filmmakers, Manager of Camera Obscura & The Vaselines. Francis can be contacted

Gift-Wrapped (in Audio-Visual section). The music to this version was created by Drombeg, an experimental composer based in Kerry, Ireland. He can be found here Drombeg Futuresequence and here: Thomas Brookes

Deciphering the Dust

I took part in a 48 hour Cinepoem project with Rico Craig, Brian McHenry, Ally Gillon and Ivan Gonzalo, the five of us working from 4 different countries to create this from scratch in 48 hours


Poettrio Experiment

I took part in the Poettrio collaborative poetry as translation project at Newcastle University with the writers Delaina Haslam & Line Tofstoë – links to reading here:

Zone of Unwritten

I took part in a place based Writers in Residence project and worked with Michael Gallagher & Maxim Peter Griffin to produce an interlinked, layered piece:

My interest in colours and what they evoke and how they are perceived and experienced differently has led to me sporadically tweeting a Colour of the Day.  Basically I see photographs that I like in terms of colour and retweet with either a title or statement added by me. I love the fact that people are open to their images being reinterpreted and that their visuals can serve as really useful writing prompts.  An example of a one that I loved is this image by Helen Newman

When I sway and glow with the not yet known

Another favourite is this image by the writer Helen MacKinven :

Dipped fronds of wanting

I also really enjoy when interactions in real life or online lead to the creation of something else.  The artist Darren Riley does great pen portraits of people who send him photographs. Darren also pens some words explaining how he knows people and some thoughts about them which I find fascinating.  Here’s my picture, you can check out the accompanying words and rest of the series at Boatracebook


The artist Peter Rowe created a Horror Top Trump of me being petrified by Medusa, he can be found here: Peter Rowe

This is my Top Trump