Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness – Part Two

Lone Women In Flashes of WildernessFollowing on from the creation of my piece for Sanctuary Lab I’m working towards delivering a second phase of the project ( as well as a side project Space of Doglessness).

I received a huge amount of amazing responses from all over the world and used these to inform the piece in terms of thoughts and feelings that I read in three stages of aloneness,  darkness and wilderness at the Galloway Forest Dark Skies event curated by Sanctuary Lab and the Dark Outside.

I’ll be including the piece in The Absolution of Shyness which is my narrative non fiction work exploring loss, choice and the framing of women’s words via a sequence of linked abstractions.

I also plan to read it in it’s entirety remotely from a forest, alone in darkness, via portable transmitter as a stand alone event .

I want to create a vehicle in which the initial respondents actual words can be used ( my piece doesn’t include them) and on a wider level further explore and progress the aims of the Lone Women project.

These aims are:

  • To provide opportunities for women to engage with ideas of aloneness,  darkness & wilderness as a means of untelling stories of place and effecting change in how we move through our world.
  • To promote women’s wider engagement with place real and imagined.
  • To raise awareness of women led stories of place.
  • To provide opportunities for women to build skills and confidence with all of the above.

In order to do this a funding proposal is being developed to:

  • Deliver a skills training/confidence building workshop on being alone outdoors and/or in darkness
  • A workshop that offers an opportunity to engage with the main ideas and articulate these via different art forms including writing and photography
  • A literary event that is accessible and non intimidating to women who perhaps do not generally access these spaces.  This event will highlight the work of women writers who have touched on the themes.  So far Helen McClory,  Flesh of the Peach and Abi Andrews,  The Word for Woman is Wilderness are confirmed
  • A publishing opportunity that is a wide call-out for writing and art on the themes
  • A mass outdoors bivvy bag event to build confidence and progress engagement and ideas

In addition to this:

A Twitter account where thoughts,  ideas,  experiences, research and art on the themes can be shared

Development of a website

How you can contribute:

The project is an open and collaborative one in spirit, if you would like to respond to any of the themes and would like your work to be one of the many Flashes that I hope will evolve as part of it then please do get in touch.

Likewise if you have ideas, expertise or skills you can offer then the project is very open to evolving and growing according to input.

You can:

  • Follow the project on Twitter and @ us with any links to research/your work/photographs/writing/art/events representing your interpretation of the themes
  • Start a discussion with your friends/colleagues/word of mouth networks and feed it back
  • Create work that adds to the discussion – once we have a website we can host it. Make a film or piece of music that gives voice to your telling of place, write a poem or a play, choreograph a dance; whatever you think works best.
  • Collaborate across disciplines to build networks of practice that produce work exploring the themes
  • Consider your own thoughts and experiences on aloneness, darkness and wilderness and think about anything that you would like to do but don’t or that you would no longer do.
  • Share your thoughts in your networks/via the Twitter account to stimulate debate/inspire interest and confidence.
  • Start small and ask a friend if they would like to make a small step with you – a night-walk in the city, a sleep-out on the beach, whatever works for you.
  • Arrange a local event to discuss the themes and make plans.
  • Suggest ideas/directions for the project
  • Offer your skills, time and expertise!

The possible interpretations and range of responses are vast – it’s our world too in aloneness,  darkness and wilderness and as women I’d like us to contemplate, create and develop our individual and shared narrative and understanding of that.




Twitter:  Lone Women@wildernessflash

Looking forward to your input,

Feel free to get in touch with any questions,



You can see the original call-out including question prompts here:












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